REAL Discipleship Survey

Take a Step in the Right Direction

REAL Discipleship Survey: Take a Step in the Right Direction!

How to Take the Next Step:

1. Take the Real Discipleship Survey. You will find instructions below.

2. Review your results.

3. Use the enclosed grid to determine where you are in your discipleship journey. These suggestions are not mutually exclusive. Visit us online at or for more opportunities!

4. Identify one or two steps that will help you grow as a disciple.

5. Connect with someone to join you on your spiritual journey!

6. Keep Growing! Make it a priority to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus.


REAL Discipleship Survey Instructions:

1. Visit the webpage to access the REAL Discipleship Survey at

2. Enter our church code: PEACEANDJOY

3. Follow the steps to create your account.

4. Choose the Elizabeth River District and Great Bridge UMC from the drop down list. Enter your name, email, and a secure password to create your account, then click on “Sign Up.” Once completed, press the “Here” button to continue.

5. From the welcome screen, select “Edit Profile” to choose all of the groups you are a part of in the church, such as “The Learning Team.” Once completed, select the “Edit Record” button and return to the Dashboard. 

6. From the Dashboard, select “Start Survey.” The survey is brief. After you have selected one box for each of the colors on the chart, then you will submit your survey. Your results are immediately available to view, print, or to email to yourself.

7. Log in to view your results at any time. You may retake the survey at a later time to measure the results of your growth!


Download the REAL Discipleship Brochure

Contact Pastor Jessica Hargrove at with questions or for assistance!