Bible Building Blocks (B3)

Growing in Your Faith

Bible Building Blocks (B3)

This class will be led by Larry Vesey and offered on Wednesday nights from February 6th through February 27th from 6:45-7:45pm in Rm. 112.

Bible Building Blocks (B3) is a course for any Christian disciple, new or seasoned, who wants to begin exploring the Bible in a new way. For new disciples this could be their first introduction to studying the Bible. For more seasoned disciples this should be an encouragement to study the Bible in a new way. In either case, participants will be challenged to consider four questions:

1. What does it mean to be “the Word of God”?    

2. How can I be sure my Bible translation is accurate? 

3. What resources are available to help me understand the Bible? 

4. How do I use what I find in the Bible in my life?

Join us and grow in your faith!

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